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What is Intarsia?

Intarsia is the art of wood inlay. It' a very fascinating and challenging form of art that has made a comeback thanks to the works of people like Judy Gale Roberts and Jerry Booher. I was first introduced to Intarsia while looking for information on scroll saws. I had never seen this type of woodworking, so upon further investigation, found it to be very interesting and challenging. After purchasing a scroll saw, I ordered a beginners pattern just to see if I could do it. I was hooked. I started ordering books and videos to learn all that I could, incorporating that knowledge into the projects that I was doing. Slowly, but surely, it all comes together and makes sense. One thing I will say is that it does take patience.

Each piece is very unique in and of itself, as the color and grain of each piece of wood could probably never be duplicated. Each piece is individually picked, shaped, and sanded, with three hand-rubbed finishes of gel varnish applied. Intarsia creations are treasures to those of us who create them, and hopefully they are also cherished by those who receive them.

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